Luna Capital wants you!

The future is already here, and we seek professionals of all sorts to help us transform the moon into an inhabitable destination and build its first capital. Plan and build many types of projects, and score points taking into account both the short and long term consequences of your actions, in a tile laying game with components that are out of this world.

“The greatest companies are ready to build. ”
“A variety of projects to build the city of the future. ”

    Take a relaxing trip to Luna Capital. Enter your data, hit send, and boom! Pack your bags.

    *Royal Cruise is not responsible for side-effects associated with space travel, including vertigo and nausea. Consult your physician before travelling.

    habitation modules

    Incredible location with views of Mercury, equipped with everything necessary to live on the moon. Excellent opportunity, inquire within our sales offices.


    Lemons? Apples? Pears? The moon’s soil is rich with minerals and contains the perfect nutrients to grow in our far-out greenhouses, a truly unique opportunity.

    Water condenser

    Reputable multinational seeks investors to fund the installation of water condensors in the lunar territory. High return on investment, and steady earnings over the long term.

    To see the sunrise from the lunar module is something I’ll never forget. That, and almost losing my selenite robot due to lack of gravity.

    -Johari Abimbola, Abuya-
    4/5 Stars

    It was an unforgettable experience, fulfilling a childhood dream. Playing baseball on the moon was amazing, with the slowest but farthest home runs I’ve ever seen.

    -John Smith, New Orleans-
    3/5 Stars

    First time with Space Royal Cruise. Comfy seats. The initial departure out of the atmosphere hit me a bit hard but the crew was helpful. Food was overcooked.

    -Vicente SepĂșlveda, San JosĂ©-
    5/5 Stars